DC published a humour comic featuring Bob Hope and another with Martin and Lewis; after the real-life comic act broke up, the comic-book Jerry also went solo, though his fictional nephew Renfrew frequently appeared as his foil. The Jerry Lewis comic lasted until the early 70s, and over the years Jerry met a number of DC heroes.

Here he and Wonder Woman take on a very odd villain. Her Stars 'n' Stripes costume is missing, because DC briefly transformed Wonder Woman into a powered-down version who wore white jumpsuits and minidresses.

Jerry Lewis #97, features Batman, Robin, and the Joker. Jerry also met the Dynamic Duo on the campy 60s TV show; he was the first "window" guest. This image was filched from Oddball Comics at Comic Book Resources. The comics themselves, of course, are copyright DC.

"I hear they love him in France...." Jerry has also met the Flash-- and yes, the comic also was published en Francais.

Finally, it's not exactly a crossover, but that totem pole Jerry's hiding on features then-US-vp Spiro Agnew, Superman, and Frankenstein's monster (this last character rather resembles the Universal-based incarnation that appeared as one of the "Teen Terrors" in DC's Bob Hope comic). On another note, this particular issue is high in political incorrectness, as Jerry encounters the cover's Hollywood Indians in the lead story and dodges lemon-yellow Asian spies "Hang Wo" and "Wong Guy" in the supporting feature.


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