In 2003, DC's Justice League and Marvel's Avengers met for the first time... Again. Of course, every crossover creates its own context of reality, and it remains unclear how inter-company crossovers affect the characters' regular comics. In this comic, despite a recent DC/Marvel history establishing that each company's characters were aware of the others' universe (in the Fantastic Four/Superman crossover, Franklin Richards watches Superman on television, and knows that the comic-book hero really exists in another dimension), the two super-teams have no memory of intercorporate team-ups past. The series makes much of the different reactions to metahumans in each world. DC crowds hero-worship them; Marvel's view their actions with suspicion.

The third issue had the universes merging, which caused the various crossover worlds to blur; earths where the heroes were aware of each other, earths which they shared, and earths where they were strangers all merge. George Perez's cover for #3, featured here, crowds in every past and present member of each team.