The Incredible Hulk # 279 marked an early appearance of the integrated Hulk, the incarnation of the character who had the Hulk's strength and Banner's personality. Now welcomed by the world, the Hulk receives a pardon from an unseen Ronald Reagan, the Key to New York from Ed Koch, and coverage by Barbara Walters (identified by Spidey, and interviewing Daredevil's law partner) and Dan Rather (not pictured here, but he's in the issue).

The Hulk also receives accolades from the international super-hero community. The Panther has a long history in Marvel, while Alpha Flight and Captain Britain had their own comics. The rest of this lot are rather stereotypical recurrant guest-stars, quickly created at various times to demonstrate that New York isn't the only place in the Marvel Universe that faces a metahuman infestation. May Allah guide thee, Green One!