Bob Hope was one of a handful of comedians upon whom DC based comic-books in the 1950s. As the 60s wore on, however, Hope's lack of appeal with the era's kids caused sales to drop. DC apparently had a positive response to some earlier "funny monster"-themed issues, so in #95, they wedded Hope simultaneously to the swingin' sixties, monsters, and superheroes with the introduction of "Super Hip," a groovy teenager with an alter-ego, and his Universal-inspired monster pals. Later, the monsters appeared as the faculty of Benedict Arnold High, which Super Hip attended, and finally, by issue 107, they were referred to as the "Teen-Terrors."

Super Hip was never a huge hit, but the Teen-Terrors helped sales a little. The Bob Hope comic, which had started with stories that recalled Hope's old films, ended its run with Hope-ful variations on Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.