On April 1, 1997, more than forty of the world's top syndicated cartoonists switched strips for the day (and then dated these strips "April, 1 1998," just to add to the confusion). The cartoonists took a variety of approaches. Wiley drew Hagar the Horrible in the style and with the sensibility of his own Non Sequitur strip. Many others inserted their characters into the borrowed cartoon, creating crossovers. Luan babysat for Hi and Lois, Garfield and Jon stayed with Blondie and Dagwood, and Mother Goose and Grimm swapped word-balloons with the Pattersons of For Better or Worse. The oddest event of all, however, may have been Billy from the peachy-keen, white-bread Family Circus wandering into Dilbert's cubicled hell. This cartoon especially stands out, because both Billy and Dilbert remain firmly in character; Billy makes a cutsey joke, which Dilbert fails to find amusing.

Pity we didn't get to see security remove the intruder.