For the Golden Anniversay issue of Detective Comics (the title which first introduced Batman) the Dark Knight, Robin, Elongated Man, aging hardboiled detective Slam Bradley, and others become embroiled in a plot involving Moriarty's descendants. The great detective himself appears at the tale's end. He is over a century old, though the cover depicts Batman with a younger Holmes, perusing the 1939 issue in which Batman first appeared. A portion of their meeting, scripted by Mike W. Barr and illustrated by Alan Davis and Paul Nearly, appears below. My online review of the issue appears off-site, here.

In his short-lived title the Joker also met a version of Holmes. I've never read this one, but it involves an actor who, due to a head injury, believes he is Holmes and concludes that the Joker is Moriarty. Thanks to Barbara Peterson for this information.


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