Blondie and Dagwood celebrated their Diamond Anniversary in September, 2005 (or, strictly speaking, Blondie did; Dagwood joined the strip later, successfully wooing the young Miss Boopadoop) with a week of crossovers. The last weekend of August, Dagwood received a phone call from the president. The rest of the week featured numerous crossover references, in Blondie and other strips. Dik Browne's Hagar (below) spent the week at the celebration while, back home, his daughter explained to Lucky Eddie that her father considers "the laws of time and space" to be "scoff laws," and he cannot resist a party, even if it's in another century. At left, Jeremy of Scott and Borgman's Zits has a run-in with a familiar mailman.
Even characters from Lynn Johnston's quasi-realistic For Better or for Worse turned out for the party-- though, in their own strip, they were seen reading Blondie, and commenting on the ability of comic characters to seem real. This has to be the biggest sanctioned gathering of characters since Dumas's Sam's Strip held a party in 1962, or the crossover covers of those 1930s comic books that compiled newspaper strips (forthcoming!). The sheer number of crossovers created by this event make the Bumsteads the comic-strip version of Kevin Bacon.