The first issue of DC's short-lived Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew featured a bizarre alternate world and Superman's first cover team-up with a cartoon bunny.

This promotional giveaway teams the Man of Steel with the Bunny of Quik-- and a group of resourceful kids who enjoy Nestle products.

Once Time-Warner owned DC, it became inevitable that the Justice League would meet the Looney Tunes. The four-issue series was largely a wasted opportunity; the covers did not even adequately exploit the potential for visual gags.

Before Captain Carrot, before Quik, before Bugs, however, Superman met the 1940s Fawcett character, Hoppy the Marvel Bunny in DC Comics Presents #34 (turns out he's from another dimension....) This jpg courtesy of (ok, I swiped it) Comics of the 80s.


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