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Crossover Feedback Loop

Horror Comix: A Brief History

A Mad History: From Comic to Magazine to (Bleech!) Icon

E2 Pop Culture Miscellany:
'Toons, Charlie Chan, Dick Tracy, Bad TV, Twisted Toys, and the Fake Jan.

Shakespeare's The Tempest
Shakespeare rewritten for the popular stage, 1667-1789

Supergirl: Fashion Victim

Superman: Up, Up, and Away! With Continuity

Tijuana Bibles (E2)
Dirty Little Comic Books from Days of Yore

Crime, Scandal, and Panic!

The Ken DeLuca Affair:
A Personal Reflection on a Real-life Nightmare

Crime School:
The Glen Ridge Rape, the Mepham Hazing Incident, the disappearance of Mistie Murray, and More

Danny Casolaro
The Man Who Knew Too Much?

Ipperwash and Dudley George

The Yellow Peril
Mathematics and Racism make a volatile combination (E2)

The West Memphis Three (E2)



Santa Claus: The Life and Times

Birth of an Urban Legend:
The Short, Unhappy Life of James Dallas Egbert III

Mother Goose: A Biography

Roy McDonald

Winston George Schell
Farewell to a friend


Assorted Biographies:
An Astronaut, an Academic, the Hensel Twins, a Hockey Hero,
the Woman who Scandalized Weimar Berlin, the Great Canadian Clam-squeezer... And More!

Out of the Ordinary

The Blue Fugates of Kentucky (E2)

Cryptozoology and other Enigmas
The Devil in Devon, the Blob at St. Augustine, a Serpent in New England, and More

The Long-Lived Light Bulb of Livermore, Ca. (E2)

Project Monarch (E2)
Reality, Illusions, and Delusions

Chimera (E2)
Make that a double....


Ethnic Joke: A True Story

Requiescat in pace: 1931-2004

Requiescat in pace: 1930-2011

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